Technology Driving Creativity

Technology Driving Creativity Blog

Firstly, 80% of people working in marketing say creativity is important to them but 80% of marketers feel under pressure to be productive rather than creative at work.

The argument ‘technology versus creativity’ is entirely redundant. Technology does not squash creativity, in fact, I believe that technology enhances creativity. The truth is that by expanding possibilities we are expanding the opportunity for clever, creative marketing.

We’ve spoken before about how there is no innovation without creativity and that innovation is creativity with a job to do.

Every creative act starts with a purpose. Whether it is a marketer trying to solve for a particular business objective, a designer working with a specific brief or an artist looking to express a distinct idea or emotion. It is through forming intent that we establish the constraints under which creativity thrives – to some extent creativity has completely widened the boundaries of what is possible.

At CDD, technology is helping us be more creative. We have more options, more platforms, more data about users that we can utilise to make a decision about solving a problem. The ever-expanding digital landscape means there’s new ways for customers to experience your brand.

There is an opportunity with all the technology we have today in marketing to focus on the individual experience. Creativity is not just being about a deliverable, visualisation or story, but the experience across many of those that forms the journey a single consumer will take with a brand. That opens lots of possibilities for creativity

Technology is freeing our creativity. Our brands have always told stories: We’re not limited to words on a page but can write digitally, interact in real-time with social media to communicate in real-time, find out what’s working and be able to continue telling that story. Technology has opened up the floodgates of storytelling.

Simply, technology opens lots of possibilities for creativity

Be creative, do creative and deliver creativity. And then, use creativity to deliver business growth.