Customer Experience is at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Customer Experience is at the Heart of Digital Transformation Blog

Customers are now in the driving seat. Brands and businesses must create relevant customer experiences across channels and touch points.

Some are calling this ‘the age of the customer’. What they mean is that customers are in control of how they interact with a business. Customers expect immediate access to specifically personalised content anywhere, on any device, at any time. The new customer acquisition requires everyone across the business to be on board: the structure, culture and technology.

Digital transformation is a customer-driven business transformation initiative.

Our advice?


Transformation can only be successful as a company-wide initiative. It requires collaboration – no one person can drive all the change. Often company culture and organisation structures fall behind process and technology when it comes to digital readiness. In order for digital transformation to work you have to be agile. Agility is ability.


A clarity of vision is important for acceleration. Executing change without an ultimate end vision is probably a little bit pointless. Be clear and get everyone on board to move forward.


Digital touchpoints and technology won’t ever stop evolving – taking risks and having agile processes is a big part of this evolution – and from all this learning from mistakes will be hugely important, but if you’re agile enough, you’ll be able to move quicker into the future and to something that works better. Learn, be agile, change.


Find digital partners whose capabilities complement your own. It is inevitable that there will be new gaps in capabilities as technology continues to evolve. A digital partner, like us, could help you navigate, build and implement new strategies (usually cheaper than an internally trying to find that capability). Remember that your partner needs to understand your business’ broader strategies to really fulfil its purpose.

Agility is ability.