Alexa in the IoT. What Opportunities the New Platform Offers
This article will be useful for those who want to integrate the Alexa voice assistant into devices with limited capabilities, such as teapots or coffee makers.
Webix Diagram Editor Overview
The Diagram Editor is a special interface for placing diagram blocks and links. It allows users to conveniently change the shapes of blocks and links
Advantages of the Agile Model Over Waterfall
Briefly about Agile Today, Agile is becoming the most popular and widely used software development environment in the world. Continuous iteration of a
avira review
Avira Rescue System v16
Among other utilities, the Avira Rescue System provides a free, bootable antivirus program which you can run from the disk before starting the operating system.
is google analytics enough
Is Google Analytics Enough?
There’s absolutely no doubt that Google Analytics is the primary insight tool that we use for website analytics. But in a day and age where the customer