Built-in closets in the bedroom, features and rules of placement


In the process of equipping each room, choose the optimal interior items, suitable for the purpose and size of the room. Closets in the bedroom are purchased necessarily, as here it is required to store clothes, linen, and other accessories. There are many types of such cabinets, differing in design, size, cost, and other parameters. Often choose a built-in closet in the bedroom as in the photo, which has a small size, optimal appearance, and good capacity.

Features built-in closets in the bedroom

Built-in closets in the bedroom are chosen for a variety of reasons, as it has many advantages. Its advantages compared to other similar cabinet models include:

  • Built-in cabinets are available in numerous colors, so for any room, the optimal interior object in terms of shade is chosen;
  • finishing can be performed in a variety of styles;
    modern designs are equipped with numerous storage systems, such as shelves, compartments, drawers, boxes, cabinet boxes, or other elements that allow keeping many things in the closet;
  • Some products are equipped with additional drawers, on which you can put a TV, which significantly improves the comfort of the bedroom;
  • some closets are available as a set with a bed, dressing table, or other items, which allows you to decorate the room in a single interesting and attractive style;
    closets can be used to divide a single space, so they act as a multifunctional partition;
  • properly selected furniture saves bedroom space and also has a positive effect on its appearance.

Built-in closets in the bedroom design options

Usually, when creating a recessed piece of interior design, standard sizes and parameters are used. Often people are forced to order the production of this furniture, as ready-made options are not suitable for the available space allocated in the bedroom.

For the recessed product is selected a certain area of the room, can not be used for other purposes. It is advisable to carry out this in rooms of irregular shape and size. Typically, cabinets do not have a back wall, and often one or two side walls. This leads to a significant reduction in the cost of the product. Some large cabinets are equipped with different compartments, where you can install a TV, a table, or other items, which effectively saves space.

Corner built-in closets in the bedroom are considered popular, and they can have different designs and dimensions:

  • g-shaped designs are distinguished by the fact that the two halves of such an interior object are along the walls of the room, and in the middle, they touch at the optimum angle, so you can effectively and conveniently place the product in the corner of the room;
  • the triangular closet is equipped with a single large facade, which does not have any curves, which is why the size of such a design is usually small, which is relevant for a small bedroom;
  • Trapezoidal products are available in different transformations, and they are characterized by excellent capacity;
  • models that are convex or concave and broken are considered interesting, and they are chosen if there is an unusual compartment in the bedroom, which is filled with a closet.


When choosing bedroom built in cupboards additionally take into account what material it is made of. On this parameter depends on the appearance and design. The most common materials used for this purpose are

The most common materials used for these purposes are:

  1. Wood, which allows you to get a high-quality and beautiful product, ideal for the living room due to its environmental friendliness;
  2. MDF or particleboard are popular lumber, from which inexpensive and interesting models of cabinets are obtained;
  3. Gypsum board allows you to get a cheap cabinet, which has different colors and unusual forms due to the ease of processing the material.

The most beautiful are considered wooden structures, but their cost is considered high.

If you can not find the optimal model on the market, you can make a closet in the bedroom with your own hands, for which you implement your own unique design ideas, and also do not have to spend a lot of money to form a quality piece of furniture.

Filling of built-in closets in the bedroom

When choosing cabinets, make sure to take into account their internal filling. It should fully meet the needs and wishes of future owners. The competent arrangement of a variety of shelves, compartments, and drawers depends on the comfort of storing and finding things, as well as the service life of the entire structure. Some manufacturers offer models that have shelves for the TV, flowers, or other items, which allows you to save space, as many large items are installed in one small area of the bedroom.

Rules for placing built-in closets in the bedroom

The bedroom is a room where people really spend a lot of time, so it should be comfortable and attractive. It is considered optimal to choose a closet that goes with the bed so that the main items of furniture perfectly match each other. If it is not possible to buy a set, then the usual designs, perfectly suited to the existing interior and the niche, are built in.

Built-in cabinets can be placed in different ways:

  • In a niche, its walls will act as the walls of the cabinet, and also guarantees the effective use of the space that is usually left untouched;
  • corner cabinets can be used effectively in small rooms, where you want to rationally use any square meter.

How to place built-in closets in the bedroom

There are several placement scenarios. Built-in bedrooms – custom closets, custom built-in closets – https://urbanwardrobes.co.uk/services/grey-wardrobes

Built along the wall

The most popular layout is a built-in closet placed along all or part of the wall.

  • It can be placed in front of the bed.
  • Behind the headboard – in this case, an empty space is left behind it, making a niche in the cabinet.
  • Along the side wall, most often next to the door.

Make a recessed corner cabinet in the bedroom
Corner configuration is indispensable in small rooms, where you need to make the most of every available centimeter. As in the standard rectangular, the corner built-in closet in the bedroom can accommodate everything you need: hangers, shelves, a shoe compartment, and a mezzanine.

Built into a niche.

If there is a niche in the bedroom, it is a great place for a built-in closet, because so you can “kill” two birds with one stone: use the uncomfortable empty space, and not take away useful space from the other wall.
In such cases, the cabinet is most often made to order with a measurement of the wall and the niche, so that it fits exactly in width, height, and depth.