Advantages of the Agile Model Over Waterfall

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Briefly about Agile

Today, Agile is becoming the most popular and widely used software development environment in the world.

Continuous iteration of a project into chunks is the main theme of this framework, rather than delivering the entire product to the client at a time; it is delivered to the client in a predetermined way and in small pieces with priority in descending order. The highest priority modules are delivered first. It has become popular and useful because it overcomes the shortcomings of the waterfall model previously used.

For example, in the waterfall model, there was no way to provide feedback until the final product was delivered.

In Agile, after each sprint cycle, the customer can provide feedback to the development team, and those changes can be implemented immediately in the next sprint cycle. Agile also saves money and time because feedback from the customer can be implemented instantly in the next sprint cycle.

Advantages of the Agile model over Waterfall

The client is always in touch with the development team because of the continuous iteration, i.e. sprint. Each iteration / sprint provides a working product to the customer that allows the customer to review feedback and provide feedback after each sprint, which saves money and time as well as the development team’s effort to fix or implement feedback early on.

Timely delivery to the customer.

All project stakeholders are closely connected and in sync with each other. There are various Agile methodologies, of which the most popular are

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Extreme Programming (XP)