​let’s Talk About Digital Transformation, Simply

Digital Transformation Innovations

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about digital transformation – it’s because it’s happening and in a big way. Businesses are realising the potential of technology and digital and thus they need to think about a transformation. These ‘transformations’ can be anything from huge global scale changes to small customer acquiring campaigns. But, for now, without getting into the nitty gritty of it all – I want to put it simply.

The General Premise

Every business in the world falls victim to threats – all kinds of threats – changing customer expectations and behaviours, turbulent economies, competitors, legislation, technology and so on. It’s these threats combined with a static business mentality that usually leads to some form of transformation – it allows your business to be more agile, to breathe better – in the best possible sense.

So let’s look at digital transformation in three sections:

1. Business model

Sometimes a business model needs challenging – this might be looking at products and services and creating revenue streams through digital means.

2. Operations

This involves the digitisation of process within your organisation to make things more efficient, improve working culture and communications within your organisation.

3. Customers

Utilising the best in digital technology to acquire and reach new and existing customers by understanding the customer, enhancing the customer experience and transforming their journey.

Simply, it’s all about identifying the problems, pain points and inefficiencies alongside the potential opportunities then finding the optimum digital solution.

Creativity and technology is our answer

And, further to all this, it’s more than just about becoming agile to quick-paced markets, it’s about revolutionising business. Digital transformation is necessary for business growth and often it needs the right kind of analysis and a dash of creativity from clever people.

You can’t stand still any longer.